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Irene Amrita Sowton
C.N.C, QRA Practitioner, ZYTO Bio-Feedback Specialist


Irene began her holistic health studies at 16 years old. She wanted answers as to why loved ones were sick and dying at an early age. When other teens were reading novels she was devouring “Prevention Magazines” with a passion.

In her early 20’s she lived amongst the Quechuan Indian tribes in Peru studying their healing methods and herbs. During that period she had a near fatal episode of Typhus and was guided through the healing process by a Shaman, flaming the fire of her passion for learning the secrets of vibrant health and longevity through herbs and natural methods.

Soon after she became a student of Dr. Ann Wigmore, author and pioneer in the field of nutrition and cellular rejuvenation. She taught raw food preparation indoor gardening of wheatgrass, buckwheat lettuce and sprouts, how to culture raw foods, seed cheeses in addition to bodily detoxification regimes. In the woods of Maine she raised her 2 natural home birthed children using all the principles that she had learned, going against the status quo when the pressures were on regarding vaccinations.

She continued her lifelong studies and practice of natural healing methods and was formally trained as a Yoga teacher and taught Yoga, Meditation, Energization Techniques and Sacred Music from 1983 until 1999 at  one of the world’s most successful Yoga retreat centers and Intentional communities.  During that period she also completed trainings as a Certified Massage Therapist and Watsu Practitioner, and for 5 years she worked at the Radiant Health Center, located at the community, serving guests from around the world. She educated and counseled hundreds of people on nutrition, detoxification, and parasite cleansing.

In 2001 she was introduced to Premier Research Labs and soon realized that there was no match to the quality and integrity of formulations that Dr. Bob Marshall and Dr. Linda Forbes were creating.  She has completed Levels 1, 2 and the Advanced level trainings and continues training with them through annual conferences and monthly webinars. In addition, she was certified as a Nutritionist at the Global College of Natural Medicine.

Today she teaches her clients how to properly detoxify and nourish the body through live source nutrition and the importance of Vastu in the work and home environment through her online clinic and local clinic. She utilizes QRA testing and has expanded into using the ZYTO Bio-Feedback technology which has incorporated Dr. Marshall’s and Dr. Forbes QRA protocols into a software program that can accurately test the body for its imbalances. The ZYTO testing can be done at a distance online through a remote clinic and she currently is testing people around the country and the world.

The greatest joy for her is being able to show those who are suffering a way out of their suffering. Equipped with these cutting edge tools and knowledge her mission and service as a health care professional and educator is to empower every person to access his or her own healing capabilities through these spectacular formulations and strategies and to help them to achieve radiant health.

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