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Lavender Spray, Premier 1 oz.

Ancient, Precious, Essential Oil Blend. Beautifying, Cleansing, Calming. The original, traditional art of blending pure essential oils for beauty and prosperity. Exquisite Quality from Moldova Pure Essential Oil of Lavender

Limonene, Premier (.5oz)

pH-balanced, whole orange peel essential oil. Rich in limonene, an extremely powerful monoterpene antioxidant, uniquely extracted by a patented double-distillation process. Great For Skin: Helps promote healthy and clear skin*

Oregano Oil, Premier (.5oz)

Premier Research Labs Oregano oil -Essential oil of oregano with strong immune-boosting compounds; excellent sinus, nose, throat, upper GI support especially when acute* The best broad-range herbal bottle in your whole medicine chest. The favorite of many doctors: a potent fighter against colds, flu, sore throats, earaches, and lung infections. Use daily as a super insurance plan against everyday infections (external and internal).

QC Oil
The QC Oil Blend is a premier essential oil blend for external use. It is comprised of 4 premier quality essential oils complexed with Indian castor oil.

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