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GallBladder Flush Kit - Mini (Contains Colosan and Phos Drops in Kit)

GallBladder Flush Kit - Mini (Contains Colosan and Phos Drops in Kit)
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Gallbladder Cleanse

Effectively cleanse toxic gallstones

Think of a gallbladder flush like pressing the reset button on your body. The liver/gallbladder system is responsible for over 500 functions in the body. From filtering toxins and processing fats and cholesterol to producing the building blocks of new cells which boost immunity and repair damage - a healthy liver can be a world of difference in your overall health.

Over time, the liver/gallbladder processes accumulate 'stones' in the gallbladder made out of cholesterol, cholesterol crystals, calcium, and toxins with a green bile coating. The gallstones are porous and they can pick up any bacteria, cysts, viruses and parasites that are being processed through the liver. Doing a flush you will notice a general feeling of well being, clearer thinking, fat loss, dramatically lower cholesterol levels, lessened allergies, improvements in eyesight & greater inner peace. Obviously, since the liver will be able to function better, any area of your health may improve, and all healing or detox programs should work better.

  • Improves energy, Vitality, and zest for life!
  • Detoxification (no more rotting stones in your liver!)
  • Digestion, improves bile flow; helping constipation and downward flow.
  • Enjoy clearer thinking, memory and easeful thoughts; shed liver anger.
  • Revitalize and free your system of the old past!

Instructions for the Flush:

This cleanse lasts 5 days, plan on being at home on the evening of the 4th day and the morning of the 5th day. Having a bathroom handy during the entirety of the flush is highly recommended.

Day 1, 2 and 3

Softening the Stones

Over the course of 3 days prior to the day of the liver flush, you consume 1 ounce of the Phos Drops, (ortho-phosphoric acid, inositol, & choline). This softens the stones as to not tear the walls of the bile ducts. Phos-Drops also help remove calcium and lipids from arteries, and normalizes cholesterol metabolism.

Use 2oz (full Phos-Drops bottle) if you are 60 lbs overweight, Are over 50 and have never done a flush before, or you know you have known large calcified stones.

Cleanse the Intestines:

2 times per day (upon rising and in the evening): Mix 1 heaping teaspoon in an 8-12 oz. glass of water or orange juice and drink. Add the juice of fresh squeezed lemon into the same glass with another ounce or so of water and drink.

Day 4

Continue use of PhosDrops, STOP using Colosan until the evening. Eat small, fresh, whole food meals, preferably raw - with no oils, or butter. After 2pm stop eating, snack only on fruits or raw vegetables.

Step 1: At 5pm take 1 level tablespoon of ColoSan in an 8-12 oz glass of water. Activate with juice of 2T lemon juice or 1T raw apple cider vinegar.

Step 2: At 7pm take 1 level tablespoon of ColoSan in an 8-12 oz glass of water. Activate with juice of 2T lemon juice or 1T raw apple cider vinegar

Step 3: 9pm combine the following in a blender & drink: 6-8 oz. of organic pure extra virgin olive oil & 6-8 oz ounces of grapefruit juice, organic & fresh squeezed



Step 5: After lying, stand up & move around a little for at least 30 minutes and go to bed without drinking anything else (except a little water).

    Step 4: After drinking IMMEDIATELY lie on your right side (liver side) with knees to the chest & try to stay still for 30 minutes.

Day 5

When you wake up take one level tablespoon of ColoSan with the lemon to help flush out the stones. Then you can go back to bed and wait for ColoSan to kick in. You should see at least 100-1000 soft green to brown stones (up to 1 in. diameter) floating in your 3 or 4 bowel movements to follow, and sometimes throughout the day. On this day, fruit juice should be consumed before anything else

Following Days

You can continue to use the colosan 2-3 times a day to help with the elimination of stones and residual bile. Using herbal support products during this time can be helpful such as the Hepatoven or the Biliven

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