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HCL Detox Kit, Premier - 3rd Kit FREE

HCL Detox Kit, Premier - 3rd Kit FREE
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HCL Detox Kit Special

The HCL Detox kit is the first place to start with health and digestive problems. As we age we lose our ability to digest food completely due to deficient HCL production. Without sufficient HCL we cannot completely digest food. Undigested food is inflammatory, compounding existing health conditions and creating new issues.

HCL Supplement

What does HCL Do?

HCL is stored in the gallbladder, it is a by-product of the liver's cleansing processes. When you eat, the stomach is infused with HCL which literally burns up the food, making nutrients accessible to the body. It is an unfortunate fact that our bodies stop producing adequate levels of HCL around age 20. Every year over 20, our HCL levels get lower. This makes it increasingly difficult to digest food. It is essential to supplement the body with HCL with every cooked meal.

How much do you take?

Generally a ratio of 2 HCL to 1 HCL Activator will give you optimum support. However, the mount of HCL Detox Kit needed depends on your age and weight. Review the Digestive Support Chart to find the optimum amount of HCL for your body.

HCL Detox Kit supplement

Cellular Detoxification

When you eat food, you lose methyl groups: the essential components of a healthy cell. For every cooked food meal you will lose 1,800 methyl groups. Low methyl groups in cells are the indicators of aging & disease. The HCL Detox kit brings methyl groups back into the cells increasing their integrity. Without actively bringing new methyl groups into the body, the signs of aging and disease are more likely.

View the: Digestive Support Chart

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