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    5 Steps to Great Health

    A practical guide to overcoming health issues, and achieving a state of wellness. Based on 30+ years of clinical reasearch. To read more Click Here.

    Pink Salt Flush

    A very easy, simple cleanse with quick results. A pink salt flush draws toxins out of the colon, stomach and intestines while nourishing the tissues of the entire digestive track. For detailed directions and information Click Here

    Gallbladder Liver Cleanse

    Information and directions for performing a comprehensive gallbladder and liver cleanse to read on: Click Here

    Coffee Enema

    Detailed instructions on performing coffee enemas using Premier Research Labs Coffee. To read more Click Here

    The Quantum Nutrition Effect

    Cellular resonance and why it is essential to great health.

    What Are Excipients?

    The hidden side effects of many commercial supplements

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