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Inversion Table: The Hang Up

Inversion Table: The Hang Up
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Hang Ups Inversion Table

Model EP-950

  • Reduce back pain and relieve stress
  • Stimulate circulation and lymph flow
  • Improve posture
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Strengthen ligaments

Hang Ups Inversion Table
The most passive means to stimulate circulation, alleviate muscle tension and strengthen ligaments in the back

Reduce back pain
While inverted, your body weight creates traction that lengthens the spine and increases the space between vertebrae; this process relieves pressure on discs and nerve roots, reducing pain in the back*
Relieve stress
Stretching on the Hang Ups Inversion Table brings oxygen-rich blood to the brain, helping to relieve stress and tension that can cause muscle spasms in the back, neck and shoulders*
Stimulate circulation and lymph flow
Usually your body works against gravity to retrieve blood and lymph from the lower limbs and torso; inversion eases this process and works against the discomfort of varicose veins*
Improve posture
The Inversion Table helps correct minor misalignments caused by rounded shoulders, slouch-sitting and one-sided activities such as golf*
Reduce muscle tension
When muscles become tense, blood flow is restricted, allowing waste chemicals to accumulate; inversion stretching immediately relaxes these muscles, increasing fluid lymph movement and a fresh supply of oxygen, which helps eliminate the build-up of toxins*
Strengthen ligaments
Helps improve ligament strength and joint support, a vital preventative measure against injury*
Only a few minutes a day increases flexibility, improves posture and naturally rejuvenates joint tissue

Why Choose a Hang Ups Inversion Table?

Independent Engineering Test
During an independent engineering study of the 7 most widely distributed inversion tables, the Hang Ups Inversion Table out¬performed competitors in durability, quality, ease of assembly and function.

UL Testing
Government regulations do not control the structural integrity and product quality of inversion tables. Hang Ups Inversion Table can quantify their claim of safe equipment by providing certificates to demonstrate successful voluntary testing to effective standards, like UL 2601-1.

Medically Tested
The Inversion Table is classified in accordance with the UL 2601-1 (medical equipment in a clinical setting), a rigid specification that tests the structural integrity of the equipment. It sustains a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs. and has successfully withstood a test to 1440 lbs., exceeding the 400% safety factor requirement.
25+ Years Experience

Unique Features
Our Hang Ups Inversion Table carries over 5 U.S./international patents. Many features that ensure security, comfort and ease of use are unique only to Hang Ups Inversion Table, such as customized settings, easy-reach handle and tether strap.



Inversion is an enjoyable, stimulating experience that promotes great health of the spine and thus of the whole body. In just a few minutes a day (gradually build up from 3 to 10 minutes per day), you can receive many healthy benefits. If done regularly, inversion can have a positive influence on your spine so you can enjoy an active, flexible and pain-free life. Hang Ups is the ideal choice among inversion tables for those who suffer from back pain. The knee-high, easy-to-reach handle is a convenient way to fasten the ankle clamps for a comfortable fit, eliminating excess strain on your back. Offering an easy, secure way to invert the body, our table allows gravity to work as a natural form of traction to elongate the spine and decompress weight-bearing joints, which helps to correct minor misalignments

The Hang Ups Inversion Table comes from the longest continuous supplier of inversion products to the world, a company with a commitment to educating the world about the benefits of inversion since 1981.
5-Year Warranty. Our commitment to product quality is unparalleled, that’s why we offer a full 5-year product warranty on our Hang Ups Inversion Table, covering all structural and soft parts.
*Disclaimer:  The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements.  Practice at your own risk and gain.  Please seek immediate medical care for any urgent trauma. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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