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Medi-Dental Pack 5oz Powder

Medi-Dental Pack 5oz Powder
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Medi-Dental Pack

Advanced Tooth and Gum Detoxification
Key Features
  • Detoxifying packs with special, European, premium-grade, high-cation bentonite clay, naturally containing highly adsorptive magnesium smectites, calcium, and nine mineral oxides in addition to natural, calcium-based zeolite minerals (the rare laumontite form) which have maximum cation-exchange capacity
  • Special clays and minerals have been used for centuries for detoxification and rejuvenation; in the past, certain sources were highly prized for the amazingly diverse whole-body health effects
  • This special, detoxifying combination assists in the removal of the bioaccumulation of toxins, including dental-associated toxins, to allow the body to return to a state of ideal cellular resonance
  • This clay/mineral detoxifier also initiates a special intracellular “thermal effect”, creating an increased, deep intrinsic, cellular cleansing effect (i.e. during or after use, the user may experience a mild heating effect such as a slightly increased body temperature which is temporary and usually dissipates within 30 minutes)
What is the Medi-Dental Pack?
The Medi-Dental Pack is a blend of European silica-based bentonite and a rare, calcium-based zeolite (laumontite), known to have maximum cation exchange. This is particularly important for detoxification in the oral cavity of toxic dental materials and metal ions which may have lodged in mucus membranes or gum tissue.
Our calcium-based bentonite is a smectite clay that initially forms through volcanic activity. It has a crystalline structure that is unique to this clay. These crystalline molecules act as transducers, able to convert energy into light, thus transferring a higher energy state to the body’s cells. This smectite clay has a unique, natural sorptive power, meaning it is able to chemically absorb toxic chemicals, including dental associated toxins, and thus, provide significant detoxification properties.
Once this clay mixture has been used for detoxification of the oral cavity or the body, its strong sorptive action has been exhausted so it is best not to re-use the clay. Please enjoy the natural, powerful rejuvenating effects of this excellent product.
Detoxification of the Teeth and Gums
Whenever an external area of the body or inside the mouth is detoxified using a high-cation exchange clay/mineral mixture, the target area becomes “cleaner” (i.e. many of the toxins have been absorbed by the clay/mineral combination).
However, in addition to the target area, at the same time, other deeper pathways in the body that intersect the target area also become partially detoxified, tending to dump some of the freed toxins into circulation to be cleared by the body, primarily via the liver, kidneys and large intestines. If nutritional support of these organs is poor, then the toxins can be re-deposited instead of being cleared from the body. This is why liver, kidney and large intestinal nutritional support (the key detoxification organs) is highly recommended during detoxification for the best results.
If a person feels lack of energy or tired after a detoxification procedure using the Medi-Dental Pack, then more than likely, they need better support of one of more of their three key detox organs, especially the kidneys.

The Kidney Essence and the Teeth
In the ancient science of Oriental Medicine, bioenergetically speaking, the kidney essence (called “jing”) is transformed into bone marrow, spinal marrow, brain marrow and the teeth (which are called the “surplus of bones”). If kidney jing is plentiful, both the bone (supporting the body and the teeth) and the brain (supporting the mind) will be at an ideal level of strength.
On the other hand, a deficiency of kidney jing can bring about brittle bones, weak teeth and a listless spirit. As the Neijing (an ancient medical text) puts it: “The kidney is the master of physical strength. It produces exquisite movements/actions.”
Thus, the teeth are nourished by the kidney jing. If the kidney jing is plentiful, the teeth are strong and firm. If the kidney jing weakens, then the teeth can decay, grow poorly or become loose. If problems exist with the teeth (i.e. decay, looseness, poor development, fillings with toxic metals, etc.), specific nutritional support of the kidneys is almost always needed in addition to direct nutritional support of the teeth and gums.

Using Download Areas During Detoxification
The “Four Download Areas” are the palms of both hands and the arches of the feet (about the size of the palm of your hand). The palms of the hands and the bottom of the feet contain hundreds of highly sensitive acupuncture points that are the main bioenergetic release entry/exit areas for the entire body. Often, detoxifying the Four Download Areas first before using the Medi-Dental Pack may be necessary (to allow maximum drainage from the oral area) to clear chronically toxic areas in the oral cavity

Examples of Oral Areas That May Need Detoxification

  • A sore gum area
  • A loose tooth area or a sensitive tooth
  •  A tooth with a toxic filling (silver fillings, stainless steel, gold crowns, etc.)
  •  A cavitation (site of previously extracted teeth)
  • A retromolar area that has been injected with  toxic dental anesthetics
  • TMJ (jaw joint) areas

Recommended Use (for adults or children)
Items Needed

Medi-Dental Pack – 1 container
HCL, Premier-1 Vcap
HM Nano Detox- 1 bottle
A non metallic bowl and spoon

1. Mixing the Medi-Dental Pack. Place 1 tablespoon of the Medi-Dental Pack in a nonmetallic container (such as glass, plastic or ceramic). Add approximately 1½ to 2 teaspoons of Heavy Metal Nano-Detox and the contents of 1 Vcap of Q-Rx Betaine HCL (open capsule) and mix together with a nonmetallic spoon (such as Lexan or plastic) into a thick, “mud” paste. Briefly pat-dry the dental area to be detoxified (i.e. a sore gum area).

2. Applying the Medi-Dental Pack. Divide the “mud” (mentally) into 5 parts. Rub one part into the target dental area vigorously for about 3 seconds; then spit out and rinse mouth. Repeat for the other 4 parts. Rinse the mouth out with purified water a few times until no clay taste remains. Note: During this detoxification process, the person may accidentally swallow some of the clay mixed with their saliva. The clay is completely safe and nonotoxic, so this is not a concern. However, it is best to avoid swallowing it as much as possible and then spit it out after each detox.
3. Go outside for 5 minutes. Next, go outside for 5 minutes or longer to absorb the ultra high, healing frequencies of solar radiation into the newly detoxified areas. If it is very cold outside, try to go outside for at least 2 or 3 minutes.

4. Medi Body Bath Powder: It is recommended to use the Medi-Body Bath after using each Medi-Dental Pack. The Medi-Body Bath is a detoxifying foot bath (1 cup of Medi-Body Bath mineral powder in 12 cups of warm water) for 10 minutes to help replace electrolytes, supply nutritive mineral compounds and to gently pull out and detoxify toxic compounds that have been released during the use of the Medi-Dental Pack. The Medi-Body Bath is gentle but deep-acting and can be a significant help to avoid detox symptoms or to help quickly alleviate them. This is especially helpful for people who have weak kidneys, poor dental health, tend to be sensitive or who have had ongoing health issues.

Now rest for 30 minutes (or longer). Allow your body to rest for 30 minutes or more (very little physical activity; no talking) so your body can continue gently detoxifying and processing its newly found energy.

Ingredients : Proprietary blend of calcium-based bentonite and zeolite (laumontite form).
Approximately 192 applications:
Frequency of Use:
The Medi-Dental Pack procedure can be done once daily (but no more than once per day). In more chronic cases, you may choose to skip days (i.e. do the procedure every other day) in order to allow the body to undergo the cleansing process more slowly.

*Disclaimer:  The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements.  Practice at your own risk and gain.  Please seek immediate medical care for any urgent trauma. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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