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Quantum Reflex Analysis with QRA Practitioner

What is QRA

QRA™ stands for Quantum Reflex Analysis™, and it is a revolutionary testing technique developed by Dr.  Marshall CEO of Premier Research Labs and Dr. Linda  Forbes.  Using the latest discoveries in quantum physics, QRA is designed to support the practitioner in the rapid analysis and resolution of health problems  to permanently restore health and wellness, unlike any method yet discovered.  This simple, safe, and natural testing method allows the QRA practitioner to analyze the body’s Energy Biofield to determine the hierarchy of physical needs (including precise detox procedures and nutritional imbalances) in order to most rapidly restore ideal health for each individual.

Using ZYTO Elite 5.0

We are extremely excited to offer our clients Remote Bio-Feedback testing. Our ZYTO technology enables the QRA Practitioner to perform comprehensive bio-surveys of your body using a digital form of  Quantum Reflex Analysis from the comfort of your home using a simple internet connection. Using the ZYTO hand cradle and hierarchal testing procedures we can evaluate the stress of each of your body's systems, identify the underlying cause of the stress in each system and pinpoint the exact remedies which will help bring your body back into balance.

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