Sea-Aloe Gold 90Vcaps

Sea-Aloe Gold 90Vcaps
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"The most striking commonality found in individuals suffering with immno-depressive conditions (Epstein-Barr virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, systemic candidiasis, HIV infection and others)
is their high incidence of digestive dysfunction ad indigestion.  This has severe effects that contribute to stress on the immune system and therefore its weakening," Dr. John Pittman, MD


Mal-digestion and mal-absorption are leading symptoms of the issues listed above. The cause for this gut malfuction is a basic deficiency throughout the body of systemic protein. This deficiency presents as one of its major symptoms a gut in various stages of degradation. The lining of the gut can be inflamed, thickened, and porous; it may be creating polyps, lesions, or pits in its walls.


The absorption cells of the small intestine may become flattened, thick, and resistant to allowing nutrients to pass through. These symptoms can be bad enough to present as Crohn's disease, ulcers, or Fibromyalgia; or mild enough to just cause bloating, mild fatigue, or allergies of all kinds. In treating these illnesses, replenishing the body's stores of systemic protein allows the gut to heal and rebuild itself. In order to make this possible, Dr. Brice E Vickery created Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids. However, in cases where the gut degradation is more severe, the healing process can take a long time, so extra measures should be taken to speed the healing- this is where Sea-Aloe Gold comes in to play.


One of nature's finest healing agents for the gut is aloe vera (aloe barbadensis).In the 1960's studies were performed on duodenal ulcer patients giving them aloe vera. The tests showed complete healing of the ulcerated areas and the areas did not re-ulcerate for 12 months. One study giving oral aloe to patients with severe ulcerative colitis showed aloe effective in inducing remission of symptoms. In Dr. Peter Atherton's (reserch Fellow at Oxford University) study on aloe, he says "My investigation showed that Aloe Vera seemed to work in tow definite areas: firstly, on damaged epithelial tissue; and secondly, on the immune system".



Supplement Facts
Serving size: 1 capsule
Serving per container 90
Iodine (from kelp).......1.8mg  1200%
Proprietary Blend.......700mg
Kelp Powder, Aloe Vera Gel 200:1
other ingredients: Vegetable Capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose)
Directions: Take 1 capsule 1-3x per day.
Store in cool, dry, dark place; temperature 59-86F (15-30C)
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