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Soap, Premier Sesame Bar (3.5 oz)

Soap, Premier Sesame Bar (3.5 oz)
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Premier Sesame Soap

Traditional Handmade Soap from Thailand


  • Concentrate, natural soap made by the centuries-old expertise of Master Soap Makers in Thailand
  • Deep cleansing yet luxuriously nourishing and soothing to the skin, especially the face and hands
  • Superb facial cleansing to gently tighten the pores(yet not overly drying) or for full body cleansing
  • 100% cell resonant ingredients; absolutely no toxic chemicals ( no sodium lauryl sulfate artificial colorants, etc.)
  • Traditional, toxic-free soap made by Master Soap Makers in Thailand who have handed down their family-kept secret of the art of natural, healthy soap-making through generations of their families.
  • Natural, premier-state ingredients with no toxic tagalongs made from pristine botanicals grown in Thailand
  • Ultra-rich, creamy soap-luxuriously nourishing yet deep-cleansing-as prized by the ancients

Featuring Cell Resonant Sesame Seeds and Oil
Ancient, highly prized botanicals to help exfoliate the skin, retain moisture and promote skin rejuvenation. Contains “sesamin”, an immune-promoting phytonutrient.


Special Features: Cosmetic grade, triple oil base( no animal lard) from extra virgin, solvent free coconut, palm and sesame oils

The Art and Science of Genuine, Authentic Soap
Made from Ancient, Secret Soap Recipes Highly Cell Resonant Soap for a Beautiful, Supple Complexion and Skin

premier, Extra Virgin, Unprocessed Oils of Palm (Elaesis guin.), Coconut (Cocos nuc.), Sesame (Sesamum ind.); Water, Sesame Seeds, (Sesamum ind.), Water, Sesame Seeds (Sesamum ind.), Kaffir Lime (leaf) (Citrus hystrix), Jasmine (flower) ( Jasminum off.)
3.5 oz (100g)

*Disclaimer:  The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements.  Practice at your own risk and gain.  Please seek immediate medical care for any urgent trauma. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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