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Castor Oil Pack Kit, Premier

 Premier Research Labs quality Castor oil is guaranteed to contain the full range of highly active, undamaged healing phytochemicals including ricinoleic acid and undecylenic acid. Now this previously inaccessible grade of Castor oil is available to you.

GallBladder Flush Kit - Mini (Contains Colosan and Phos Drops in Kit)

This is the slim version of the Gallbladder flush kit is simple and quick, and provides great results

HCL Detox Kit, Premier (2 products)

HCL Detox Kit, (Betaine HCL & HCL Activator) Excellent cleansing system. Encourages detoxification of the toxins stored in our fat cells, thus improving the potential for the body to shed the toxins and the fat itself.

Premiere Research Labs HCL Detox Kit, (3 products)

Optimum digestion, immunity and detoxification. Increase nutrient uptake, supports healthy digestion, increases cellular health.


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