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Premier Virility 90 Caps

Promotes Men's Sexual Health and Desire. Supports Healthy Testosterone levels

Royal Jelly (thick jelly) 2.2 lbs

Fresh Frozen, Price includes Next Day Air, UPS.** Royal jelly is an energy and nutritive tonic with a powerful effect on the glandular system and is considered strengthening for the reproductive systems of both men and women. Royal jelly has also been used to effectively treat malnutrition in children, arthritis, wasting diseases, varicose veins and clogging of the arteries. It promotes growth and development and is useful in the treatment of blood deficiency.

Testosterone Complex, Premier 45Vcaps

Premier anabolic maximizer for strength and muscle, energy, stamina, fat metabolism, power and endurance* Contains key, dynamic botanical ingredients clinically tested ratios to maximize testosterone and anabolic hormones as never before* Increase your muscle tissue development at unprecedented levels.

Ultra Pollen, Premier Research Labs 45 Vcaps

Written historical records indicate that pollen has been used as a food nutrient concentrate and health rejuvenator for at least 2,000 years. Special pollen extracts have clinically been proven beneficial to promote healthy male and female reproduction systems, including prevention and treatment for problems with the prostate.


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