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Change your home's bio-energetics for the better

Vastu is considered, from ancient times, to be the most important thing you can do to ensure a happier life (i.e. good health, relationships, success, etc.)
Vastu-proofing your home can dramatically improve the quality and strength of beneficial incoming “source” energies into your home (or office)

Vastu Tools

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Prosperity Coin, Premier Research Labs

The Prosperity Coin is the result of years of trial and error to find the best device for exquisite biofield support in today’s frequency satu­rated environment.

Q-Circuit (New)

Small 5 tier unit with atttractive mirrored surfaces, used for vastu enhancement of your home and office

Q-Disc 3.0

Ultra-thin, high polarity disc: the ultimate cell phone protection for any type of cell phone. Peel the adhesive and place it on the back of your phone.


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