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Virtual Clinic: ZYTO TESTING initial visit

Virtual Clinic: ZYTO TESTING initial visit
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Welcome to our Remote Virtual Clinic! 
The virtual clinic makes health care more convenient for those who live at a distance, are disabled or simply prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home. You do not have travel to visit with a professional health practitioner!

ZYTO Bio-Communications
“Taking the guess work out of wellness!

Our cutting edge technology allows us to actually communicate with your body. Rather than guessing what will bring your body back into balance, we can test your body to see which foods, supplements and/or natural remedies are needed to help achieve optimal health. 
Using this cutting edge technology we generate an analysis called a Bio-Survey. The process is highly effective, quick, clinically proven, painless and compelling for the patient.  A bio-survey allows us to:

  1. Evaluate energetic stress of each of your body’s organs, glands and systems of the body.
  2. Identify hidden stressors in your body such as bacteria, viruses, candida, heavy metals, chemicals, EMFs, etc...
  3. Identify food and environmental sensitivities.
  4. Identify interference fields such as old injuries, emotional blocks, etc. that are affecting the health.
  5. Pinpoint the exact remedies to bring your body back into balance. 

We are using the Elite 5.0 ZYTO software 
which is the most comprehensive version available and 
only used by doctors and health Professionals. 

PC computers only, Mac is not supported by Zyto.







What do you need for the session?
1. Obtain Hand Cradle: After we have shipped you the Hand Cradle, you will plug it into a USB port on your computer (See Below)

The next steps are in the hands of the practitioner and the test begins!

Required for a remote session:

  • High Speed Internet- DSL , satellite or faster internet connection. Dial-up is too slow. If that’s all you have, set up a time with a neighbor, library or loved one to use their computer with high speed connection.
  • Hand Cradle whether it is borrowed or purchased from us.
  • Internet Explorer available for use (will need to be default browser for session)
  • PC computer (currently not Mac Compatible)


Hand cradle Loan
When you borrow the hand cradle, we will send it at the cost of shipping to you. If one of our hand cradles is not available, we will place you on the waiting list and send it as soon possible. If you are purchasing $50 or more of products at the time of signing up for the loaner hand cradle, then you would receive free shipping on the entire order including the hand cradle. You may pay for your own shipping method to return it to us or you may prepay for a Return Label

We are loaning the hand unit to you trusting that you will return it in a timely manner and in good shape. We reserve the right to charge your credit card a $150 replacement fee if the unit comes back damaged or is not returned to us within 2 weeks after the testing date.

Handle Cradle Purchase
This is a particularly good choice for those who know that they will be doing ongoing bio-survey sessions. Benefits are that you do not have to be on the waiting list for the loaner hand cradle, be paying for the shipping back and forth nor risk damaging the loaner.



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