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Virtual Clinic: Follow-Up Session: Refinement Visit

Virtual Clinic: Follow-Up Session: Refinement Visit
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Remote Virtual Clinic: Follow-Up Session: Refinement Visit
Refinement Appointment: Follow-up Bio Survey $150
(Total time: 1 ½ hours)
Follow-up appointments to the jumpstart program include a bio-survey retest of previous appointment stressors as well as a full new bio-survey. Depending on the state of health, refinement appointments are recommended every 45-90 days to keep fine-tuning and optimizing your healing process as well peeling away at the various layers.   

  • Progress Report: We compare the follow-up results with those from the initial bio-survey to ensure that we are headed in the right direction. You will be receiving a comparison graph visually representing the progress of the top organs and glands.
  •  New Bio-Survey: A new revised health regimen will be created that best addresses your body’s current needs and supports the continuing balance. 


Galvanic Skin Response
Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) is an established technology that measures fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin as the body responds to various stimuli. One application of GSR that many people are familiar with is polygraph testing.

Hand Cradle Chip
Takes conductivity readings from the skin and converts the analog readings to a digital form which is sent to the computer for analysis.
Digital Signatures
Computer generated digital signatures representing physical stimuli are sent to the body. These digital stimuli elicit physiological responses from the body, one of which is a change in the conductivity of the skin (GSR). These fluctuations in skin conductivity are measured and sent back to the computer for analysis and interpretation.

Stressors and Balancers
In the session the practitioner will assess the body’s stressors.  Anything outside our threshold indicates a significant response.  

Here you see the stressors indicated by the practitioners scan.  This is the individual as is, no supplements or treatments.   We can determine that this individual has several layers of infection causing stress and disharmony.

After the practitioner has worked to achieve harmony using various nutrients and key processes which this client needs to restore harmony;  we can see that the stressors have moved back into the normal range.

This session was with the practitioner in California and the client in New York. 


Questions: FAQ


How can we test remotely?
A crucial part of a bio-survey is the hand cradle unit that is plugged into a computer so that our special software can communicate with your body. The patient places their hand on the hand cradle and this is where all communications to and from your body are detected.  So as long as the patient has contact with the hand cradle at the appropriate times then it doesn’t matter where in the world you live!

What do you have to do?
You participating in the remote testing appointment is as Easy as 1, 2 and 3.

1. After we have shipped you the Hand Cradle, you will plug it into a USB port on your computer.
2. Next you will enter a website link into your internet browser. 
3. Upon being prompted, you will enter in a code which will connect your computer to the practitioner’s computer

The next steps are in the hands of the practitioner and the test begins!

Required for a remote session:

  • High Speed Internet- DSL , satellite or faster internet connection. Dial-up is too slow. If that’s all you have, set up a time with a neighbor, library or loved one to use their computer with high speed connection.
  • Hand Cradle whether it is borrowed or purchased from us.


Hand cradle Loan
When you borrow the hand cradle, we will send it at the cost of shipping to you. If one of our hand cradles is not available, we will place you on the waiting list and send it as soon possible. If you are purchasing $50 or more of products at the time of signing up for the loaner hand cradle, then you would receive free shipping on the entire order including the hand cradle. You may pay for your own shipping method to return it to us or you may prepay for a RETURN LABEL: 

We are loaning the hand unit to you trusting that you will return it in a timely manner and in good shape. We reserve the right to charge your credit card a $175 replacement fee if the unit comes back damaged or is not returned to us within 2 weeks after the testing date. 

Handle Cradle Purchase:
This is a particularly good choice for those who know that they will be doing ongoing bio-survey sessions. Benefits are that you do not have to be on the waiting list for the loaner hand cradle, be paying for the shipping back and forth nor risk damaging the loaner.



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