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Premier Research Labs Complete Online Catalog!

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Our New Premier Research Labs Catalog:

We are exited to announce the launch of our new Premier Research Labs Online Catalog. This site will carry the professional-grade PRL products with the white label. We are proud to share the new site with you and hope you enjoy all the improvements, which include:

  • Great Product Organization
  • Great Site Functionality
  • Highly Secure Quick-Checkout
  • Search by Health Concern
  • Instant Add to Cart - No Waiting for Page Reloads
  • Online Clinic and Health Resources

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Online Clinic:
ZYTO Bio-Communications:

The biggest addition to our new site is the inclusion of our Online Clinic. Using a hand cradle and a simple internet connection we are able to perform comprehensive bio-feedback testing at a distance. This testing allows us accurate insights into your body's systems, enabling us to address root causes rather then just symptoms. This quantum-leap in natural health care takes the guess work out of wellness.

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Gesterone Cream is Back in Stock!

The last supply of Premier Research Labs Natural Gesterone Cream has just arrived.  This is your last opportunity to obtain this superior hormone support cream as PRL will not be producing anymore. This is a top selling product and we expect this supply to go quickly!

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Product Name Changes

PRL has been making a lot of name changes and we are doing our best to keep you updated. Be assured that only the names have changed, the ingredients and manufacturing process has not been effected.

Products with New Names:

Liver Nano-Detox™Liver-ND™
Gallbladder Nano-Detox™Gallbladder-ND™
Melatonin Nano-Plex™Melatonin-ND™
Super Nano green Tea™ Green Tea-ND™
Potency Nano-Plex™PotencyPro-ND™
Max Stress B™ Max B-ND™
Whey Protein™ Whey Peptein™
Hyssop Complex ™ → Hyssinol™
HM Nano-Detox™ Detox-ND™
DHLA Nano-Plex™ Neuro-ND™
Carvacrol Oil Oregeno Oil
Dental-Zyme DentaVen
Wild Pollen → Classic Pollen
Wild Yew Complex
Yew Complex

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